Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Greener Grass

In just eleven days, I'll be leaving all this behind. I'm headed for greener grass. Lush, top-of-the-mountain, top-of-the-world outlook. Morningsong. Nature trails. Weaving looms and smithies. An entire week of someone else preparing my meals. Better: an entire week of talking, constructing, and loving the writing life.

I'm talking about the John C. Campbell Folk School, a place I've been dreaming of for years, and the class I'm teaching, appropriately enough, is called The Habitual Writer. Can't, can't wait.

To those who have already signed up for all the fun and those getting ready to head over now to register: get some rest. Read a really great book. Get ready to climb up that mountain, step into a culture of artists of a variety of crafts and callings, and write, write, write. I'll see you there!