Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 7 (and a half): Goliath

Because it's my blog and I can do what I want. :)

From my forthcoming novel:

Beyond, at Christmas field, the air was so cold, it turned the trees to brittle sticks and stiffened the grass. The stars above were crystal. The onlookers clasped arms and felt their lungs constricting against the frigid air. They swayed and watched the expanse of black sky, the frozen stars. Ray put his bare hands to the sky, praying, and the people fell silent. They dipped their noses into their scarves, seeking warmth. Those first shepherds had been merely bored, fighting sleep before the angels arrived. The people of Goliath likewise did not know what was coming, what, if anything, they might hope for.

Across town, Rosamond was asleep now, already dreaming. It was the day she first met Hatley Rogers, salesman, and she dreamed it exactly as it had happened. She was in her parents’ house, the same one she was living in now, and she could even feel the thick gold light of the living room that afternoon, a warm fall day, the curtains drawn. The salesman swept his hat off when she answered the door, bowed, and took her hand, warm and moist from stirring gravy in the kitchen. He had eyes so deeply blue that at first they appeared almost purple. The late afternoon sunshine made his oiled black hair gleam. She was dreaming it all away while the others gathered in the stead of the sidewalk preacher. They stood out in the dark, watching the sky for a certain bright star, and Rosamond watched the salesman take her warm hand and, incredibly, pull her towards him until she was close enough for their lips to touch. “There,” he said. “I’ve kissed you now. What about that?”

Finally, then, out on the field, as if it was meant to be a reward for their faithful waiting, their months of spoken and unspoken sorrow, bits of white began to fall on the people’s shoulders, on their outstretched hands. It landed in their eyelashes. “Snow,” they called to each other, laughing. Ray heard them, peering up into the sky himself, still searching. “It’s snowing,” they said, their faces turned upwards to meet it.

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sherylmonks said...

Oh, I love this scene. One of my favorite sections of the book. I love it, particularly the line where Hatley says, "There, I've kissed you now." Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this with us. I cannot wait to wrap my hands around the beautiful bound copy of Goliath that's coming very soon, though it won't be soon enough for me.