Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 7: Mona

From Aimee Bender's An Invisible Sign of My Own:

On Saturday, I spend the whole day cleaning the apartment. I make the kitchen floor so white it's a dentist's dream; I vacuum; I scrub the shower grout. I shine the kitchen faucet until I can see my eye on the nozzle. I fill the trash can with a bouquet of dirty paper towels from dusting. I throw out magazines. He shows up at eight...I get [him] a glass of water he hasn't asked for, and he stands up to take it and I know I have to make the first move so I do it fast--he's swirling the water, clear liquid inside hard glass, it reminds me of the hospital, and I step closer, halve the space, and I just spend some time with the inside of his elbows, the burn marks from the science class. He watches me closely. I don't kiss his mouth right away, I kiss instead his neck and the side of his cheek and the inside of his elbow.

PS: Aimee Bender has a new book out: The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.


sherylmonks said...

Susan, these are all so wonderful. I loved yours, too, Kathy. I thought I saw a portion of Goliath posted, Suze, but when I came back to read it later, it was gone. I wish you'd put it back. Sorry I didn't read and comment faster. Been other places in my little universe this week. Here's my single offering. Hope you enjoy it. From John Ehle's THE LAND BREAKERS, possibly my favorite book ever.

A man that knows hisself is so simple to get to know. The world to her father was a place where he breathed in air and ate of food and set to rest or lay to sleep; beyond that it didn't matter much to him. He didn't see how a man could get lost, how a man likes to get lost, has to, yes, in a woods afore he knows the woods, in a road afore he knows the road, in his love of a woman afore he knows a woman.

Susan Woodring said...

Oh, that's beautiful. Thank you so much, Sheryl.

Yes, I put a piece of Goliath up, then, feeling a bit squeamish about the whole thing, took it down. This after I lecture everyone else about being confident!

sherylmonks said...

Oh, please put it back up. It's the perfect piece to end your 7 days of joy.

Susan Woodring said...

Okay. :)

See below.