Monday, October 10, 2011


This image was floating around facebook for a few days, and it got me thinking about resistance.

Okay, this image plus my everyday writing life. The truth is, I think about resistance all the time.

It's the dual nature of the beast: writing is like breathing to us--essential--and yet, we kind of hate doing it.

So what to do?

For me, it's something like working out. It's such trouble to begin with, to get up, put the sports bra on, lace up the shoes, and get out there. Get running. The first mile is usually pretty laborious, my blood is cold, slow to move. But, better, once I get started. I hit a rhythm, I'm making progress. And, for me, it's never easy--I'm always working, working at it--but there are times when, even though I'm working hard, even though there's a part of me that wants to quit, I'm also loving it.

My latest avoid-the-resistance project is to plan out my writing time in advance. At the moment, I'm shooting for fifteen hours of writing for the week, not a huge amount, but enough so I feel like I'm going. I look at my schedule, when the kids are going to my in-laws, which nights are free of soccer and church, and I plan it out. I make a deal with myself.

But, still, this is me plodding along...