Friday, March 9, 2012

Thirty-Eight Candles

Today is my birthday. I'm thirty-eight, which somehow, sounds better to me--younger??--than thirty-seven. You can tell I'm a person that goes by the sounds of words too often, and by the meaning of them not often enough.

My beautiful daughter has been surreptitiously planning a surprise party for me for weeks.

My sweet little boy says I can have as many as two (!!) hugs today.

My husband is bringing home take-out and beer for dinner.

And I sent a new manuscript off to my agent this morning. Birthday present to self: check.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Beautiful writers, wonderful friends. My love to each of you. xoxo


Jonnia said...

Happy birthday! Hope this is a terrific year for you!

Mary Akers said...


Charu said...

Happy birthday, Susan! I turn 37 soon and hoping I feel younger too :)

Unpublished Life said...

Happy birthday for Friday Susan! Sounds like a great way to spend your special day!